Photo of the First Quarter 2010 Issue of the RSA Journal
First Quarter 2010
RSA Journal

In This Issue ...

    From The Editor, Roy Marcot
  • RemShots
    • Remington Iroquois Revolvers
    • Remington Model 788 Centerfire Rifles
    • Remington Model 540X Target Rifles
    • Remington Kleanbore "Arrow" Shotshells
    • Remington Whitmore Combination Shotguns
  • The British '03 Springfield, .303 Rifle
         by Bill Hansen
  • The Remington Bookshelf
         by Ed Hull
    "The Classic Remington Model 14 - Plus Models 14½ and 14"
  • Did Remington Manufacture Model 51 Semi-auto pistols in Europe during the 1960's
         by Bob Hatfield
  • Rem-Facts
         by Mark Eddy
  • A Remington In The Theatre
         by Thomas Gross
  • Remington "Knives that Bite"
         by Rich Shepler

Locked and Loaded... RSA President Rich Shepler

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