Photo of the Third Quarter 2010 Issue of the RSA Journal
Third Quarter 2010
RSA Journal

In This Issue ...

    From The Editor, Roy Marcot
  • RemShots
    • Yucatan-marked Remingtons
    • Twin Barrel Justice - Remington
    • Remington-Rider Double-Action Revolvers
    • Smooth-Bore Model 1871 Army Pistols
    • Civil War Navy Remington Revolver Holsters
    • When did Remington Begin Nickel Plating Firearms
  • Eliphalet Remington's First Firearms
         by Mike Strietbeck and Roy Marcot
  • Was That "Our Remington?"
         by Rich Shepler
  • The Erie Canal Transports Remington's Goods
         by Mary Cirillo
  • Remington "Knives that Bite"
         by Rich Shepler
  • The Remington Bookshelf
         by Ed Hull
    "Gunsmithing Guns of the Old West"
  • Rem-Facts
         by Mark Eddy
  • The Creedmoor Cartridge Company

Locked and Loaded... RSA President Rich Shepler

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